Cerita Perang Baratayuda (Bahasa Inggris)

Cerita Wayang Perang Baratayuda dalam Bahasa Inggris


Cerita Wayang Perang Baratayuda dalam Bahasa Inggris Cerita Perang Baratayuda (Bahasa Inggris)

Baratayuda is a term used in Indonesia to mention the great war at Kurukshetra between Pandavas against the family of Krishna. This war is the climax of the story of the Mahabharata, a famous epic poem of India.

The term comes from the word Bhāratayuddha Baratayuda, that is the title of a manuscript kakawin Old Javanese language, written in 1157 by mpu Sedah on orders Jayabhaya Maharaja, the king of Kediri.

Bhāratayuddha Kakawin story later adapted into the new Java language with the title of Fiber Bratayuda by poet Kasunanan Yasadipura I in Surakarta era.

Because of War

In Yogyakarta, the story is rewritten with the title Baratayuda Purwakandha fibers in the reign of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono V. Writing begins on October 29, 1847 until July 30, 1848.

Similar to the original version, ie version of the Mahabharata, the war was the culmination Baratayuda disputes between families headed by Puntadewa Pandava (or Yudhisthira) against their cousins, namely the Krishna, led by Duryudana.

But mention the war Baratayuda puppet version of events that have been defined as events by the gods. That said, before the Pandavas and Krishna was born, this war has been set to happen. In addition, Padang Kurusetra as battlefield by puppets instead located in India, but are in Java. In other words, the story of Mahabharata is traditionally considered to occur on the island of Java, Java.

Seeds dispute between the Pandavas and Krishna started since their parents are both still young. Pandu, the father of the Pandavas one day bring home three daughters from three countries, named Kunti, Gendari, and Madrim. One of them offered to Dhritarashtra, the blind sister. Gendari Dhritarashtra decides to vote, making the princess from the kingdom Plasajenar it offended and hurt. He also vowed his descendants would later become the mortal enemy of the children Pandu.

Gendari and his brother, named Sengkuni, educate their children numbering one hundred people to always hostile to the children Pandu. When Pandu died, his children increasingly suffer. their lives are always targeted by their cousin, namely the Krishna. These stories are not much different from the next version of the Mahabharata, the Pandavas, among others, attempted murder in the burning palace, until the seizure of the Kingdom Amarta through the game of dice.

As a result of defeat in such gambling, the Pandavas had to undergo the punishment of exile in the Forest Kamiyaka over 12 years, plus a year disguised as a peasant in the kingdom of Virata. But after the penalty ended, the Krishna refused to restore the rights of the Pandavas. Makes decisions Baratayuda war inevitable.

Book Jitabsara

In Javanese wayang known existence of a book which is not on the version of the Mahabharata. The book contains about the order named Jitabsara anyone who will become victims in the war Baratayuda. This book was written by Batara Penyarikan, on the orders of Guru, the king of heaven.

Krishna's king of the Kingdom Dwarawati who became adviser to the Pandavas managed to steal the book disguised as a white bee. However, as a knight, he did not take it for granted. Guru Jitabsara give up the book belongs to Krishna, provided she always maintaining the confidentiality of its contents, and replace it with Fireworks Wijayakusuma, which is owned by Krishna heirloom flowers that can be used to revive the dead. Krishna menyanggupinya. Since then Krishna loses his ability to revive the dead, but he knows exactly who will be slain in the Baratayuda appropriate content that has been destined Jitabsara gods.

Rules of War

Baratayuda puppet version of the course of the war with a few different versions of the Mahabharata war. According to the Java version, the battle was arranged so that only certain characters are assigned to war, while others waited their turn to go forward.

For example, if the version of the Mahabharata, Duryodhana is often met and engaged the battle against Bimasena, then in the puppet they only met once, on the last day where Duryudana died at the hands of Bhima.

In the Pandavas in charge of maneuver warfare is Krishna. He who has the right to decide who should go, and who should resign. in the meantime everything is governed by Duryudana Krishna himself, who is often done without careful calculation.