Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Semester 2 Beserta Jawaban

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas XII Semester 2 Beserta Jawaban tulisan pertama yang sedang anda baca berisikan materi tentang Kinds of Expression, Narrative Text dan Grammar Focus. Selain dengan jawaban, soal b.Inggris ini dilengkapi dengan pembahasan di beberapa pertanyaan/soal yang dirasakan memang perlu untuk dibahas.

Ada sekitar 60 soal yang bisa Anda pelajari dari materi soal ini, yang admin bagi beberapa bagian....

Berikut, soal dan kunci jawaban bahasa Inggris kelas 12 semester genap untuk siswa SMA/MA/SMK/MAK/Sederajat

Question no. 1 and 2 to the following dialog

Manager : “Can you say your name again?”
Tina : “Tina Sulaeman.”
Manager : “Address?”
Tina : “Jalan Sawo thirteen, Kebayoran Baru.”
Manager : “Latest education?”
Tina : “Law. I graduated from the Faculty of law.”

1. What is Tina Sulaeman’s latest education?
a. education institution
b. Faculty of Education
c. law institution
d. professional lawyer
e. Faculty of Law
Jawaban: e
Pembahasan: Pendidikan terakhir Tina Sulaeman adalah ilmu hukum.

2. Where does the applicant live?
a. Jalan Sawo thirteen, Kebayoran Baru
b. Jalan Sawo sixteen, Kemayoran
c. Jalan Seno thirteen, Kebayoran Baru
d. Jalan Jambu thirteen, Kemayoran
e. Jalan Sawo thirty, Kebayoran Baru
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: Tina Sulaeman tinggal di Jalan Sawo 13, Kebayoran Baru.

Questions no. 3 and 4 refer to the following dialog.
Anita : “There is a vacancy in today’s daily.”
Dina : “What job is offered?”
Anita : “A part time chef in a Chinese restaurant in Jakarta Hotel.”
Dina : “I would apply for the job.”
Anita : “There is another vacancy: a waitress in an Italian restaurant.”
Dina : “I see. Thank you for the information.”

3. What job would Dina Apply for?
a. a teacher
b. a chef
c. a restaurant manager
d. a waiter
e. a hotel manager
Jawaban: b

4. What is the name of a hotel mentioned by Anita?
a. Chinese Hotel
b. Italian Hotel
c. Jakarta Hotel
d. International Hotel
e. National Hotel
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: Nama hotel yang disebutkan Anita adalah Jakarta Hotel.

Questions no. 5 and 6 refer to the following text.
Hayati Hutabarat says that she has downright satisfaction from her position in the company. But what about some other things in life. There are still important for many women to have things like marriage and children. Does Hayati regret for not having time for these things?

5. What is the text about?
a. Unmarried women
b. Career women
c. Married women
d. Women’s position in a company
e. Women’s lives
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: Teks tersebut tentang wanita-wanita karir.

6. What things are still important to many women?
a. Position in the company
b. Satisfaction in career
c. Having time for children
d. Career in the company
e. Marriage and children
Jawaban: e

Questions no. 7 and 8 refer to the following text

Farmer in Lampung and West Java are likely to face difficulties with rice harvest in the next two month because hundreds of thousands of hectare rice field have been under threat from a long drought. Therefore, the government has started worrying the two provinces.

7. What is the text about?
a. the next rice harvest
b. farmers in Lampung
c. rice fields
d. possible failure in the next harvest
e. farmers in West Java
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan: Teks tersebut tentang kemungkinan gagal panen yang akan dihadapi oleh petani di Lampung dan Jawa Barat.
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8. What threatened the rice fields?
a. a long drought
b. the rainy season
c. wet fields
d. next harvest
e. difficult farmers
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: Kekeringan yang panjang mengancam tanaman padi.

Questions no. 9 and 10 refer to the following text.

A supporter of the national education bill display a sign reading “Endorse the national education bill right now” to every motorist passing the back gate of the House of Representatives compound in Senayan, Central Jakarta. Thousands of members from Islamic groups gathered outside the compound on Thuesday demanding that the bill be endorsed.

9. The topic of the passage is about….
a. national education
b. education bill
c. supporter of the bill
d. a supporter’s idea
e. a public demand
Jawaban: c

10. “…. That the bill be endorsed”
The word endorsed is close in meaning with….
a. talked
b. discussed
c. approved
d. decided
e. resumed
Jawaban: c

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