Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris dan Jawabannya Kelas X Semester 2 (Part-6)

Melanjutkan tulisan Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris dan Jawabannya Kelas X Semester 2 bagian kelima (soal nomor 61-75), essay bagian keenam berisikan materi yang sama dengan soal-soal PG B.Inggris kelas 10 bagian ke-11 dan English bagian ke-12, yaitu tentang Narrative text (descriptive, and news item text), passive voice dan competency test. Untuk essay bagian ke-6 soal dimulai dari nomor 76.

Fill in he blanks with the right answer!

76. Mention the structures of descriptive text!
Jawaban: identification, description

77. Tomi: “Where does Miss Maria park her car?”
Tomi asked me....
Jawaban: where Miss Maria parked her car

78. Newsworthy event tells....
Jawaban: the news in summary forms

79. Vera: “The girls helped in the house.”
Vera told me that ....
Jawaban: her father gave her a new bag

80. Nuris: “Dance with me!”
Nuris told me....
Jawaban: to dance with her

81. Dina: “Meet Sandy at the station!”
Dina told me ....
Jawaban: to meet Sandy at the station

82. Grandmother told good stories.
Good stories.... by grandmother
Jawaban: were told

83. He writes text messages
The text messages.... by him
Jawaban: are written

84. Background event explains....
Jawaban: how, what, and why the news happened

85. Ferry: “What are you doing?”
Ferry asked me....
Jawaban: what I was doing

Answer the following questions!

86. Mention the structure of narrative text!
a. Orientation
b. Complication
c. Resolution

87. Make two reported speech!
a. Kirana: “Clean the black shoes!”
Kirana told me to clean the black shoes.
b. Shanum: “Meet Kirana at the station!”
Shanum told me to meet Kirana at the station

88. Mention linguistic features of news item text!
- Actions verbs
- Mental verbs
- Temporal circumstances
- Spatial circumstances
- Specific participants

89. Make a simple descriptive text about your classmate!
I have a classmate. She is beautiful, attractive, and trendy. She always want to be a trend setter of the day. She always pays much attention on her appearance. Recently, she bought a new boots from Blowfish shoes production. The shoes really suit her.

90. Change into reported speech!
a. Mrs. Jones: “My mother will be 50 years old.”
b. Jean: “The boss must sign the letter.”
a. Mrs. Jones told me that her mother would be 50 years old
b. Jean said that the boss had to sign the letter.

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