Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI K13 Semester 1 Beserta Jawaban

Contoh soal essay bahasa Inggris kelas XI semester 1 k13 beserta jawaban yang pertama ini berisikan materi yang sama dengan soal PG b. Inggris kelas 11 semester satu bagian ke-1 dan bagian ke-2, yaitu berisikan materi soal tentang Offering and Suggestion Expression dan Asking and Giving Opionion. Ada 20 soal essai yang bisa siswa SMA/SMK/MAK/MA/Sederajat pelajari sebagai bahan referensi menghadapi ulangan harian, mid/uas semester satu.

Berikut, soal essay bahasa Inggris dengan kunci jawabannya.

1# Complete the dialogue with the right answer in the box

Desi: “Hi, Udin, I…. (1) Shoes yesterday. What do you think about them?”
Udin: “I…. (2) they are beautiful red shoes.”
Desi: “Are you sure, Udin?”
Udin: “Yes, of course. Do you …. (3) red color?”
Desi: “Yes, I like it.”
Udin: “I think that color matches for you.”
Desi: “Thank you, Udin.”
Udin: “Okay, you …. (4) Welcome.”
Desi: “See you tomorrow, Udin.”
Udin: “…. (5).”
1. Bought.
2. Think.
3. Like.
4. Are.
5. See you.

2# Match the English word into Indonesian!

6. b. Saran.
7. d. Tawaran.
8. a. Tahu.
9. e. Piker
10. c. Pendapat.

3# Read the following dialogue and then answer the questions!

Amir: “We have been waiting nearly three quarters of an hour.”
Budi: “Yes, I think the bus will never come.”
Amir: “Would it be an idea to walk?”
Budi: “Yes, it’s a good idea.”
Amir: “Has the new restaurant opened today?”
Budi: “It has opened yesterday already. My friend told me it has a new and delicious menu.”
Amir: “Why don’t we eat there?”
Budi: “it is a wonderful idea.”


11. How long have Amir and Budi waited?
Answer: 3 quarter of an hour.

12. What for did Amir and Budi wait?
Answer: Bus.

13. When did the new restaurant open?
Answer: Yesterday.

14. Who told Budi that the restaurant had a delicious menu?
Answer: Budi’s friend.

15. Mention one expression of giving a suggestion!
Answer: Why don’t we eat there?

4# Read the following dialogue and then answer the questions!

Lusi: “What do you think about the causes of flood, Susi?
Susi: “I think the citizen can’t keep the area clean.”
Lusi: “What is the cause of the occurance?”
Susi: “Because the citizens throw rubbish in the river.”
Lusi: “I think so. What do you suggest for the citizens?”
Susi: “They must throw rubbish in the dust plant around.”
Lusi: “Okay, I think we must do it.”
Susi: “Yes, of course.”
Lusi: “See you there.”
Susi: “See you.”


16. What does Susi think about the occurance?
Answer: She thinks the citizen can’t keep the area clean.

17. What causes the occurance above?
Answer: The citizen throw rubbish in the river.

18. What is Susi’s suggestion to the citizen in there?
Answer: The citizen must throw rubbish in the dust plant around.

19. Do they keep the environment clean?
Answer: No, they don’t.

20. Write the sentence showing about suggestion the dialogue!
Answer: They must throw rubbish in the dust plan around.