100+ Soal UAS/PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13 Beserta JawabanPart-3

100+ Soal UAS/PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13 Beserta Jawaban Part-3 - Soal ulangan akhir semester genap B. Inggris Kelas 10 kurikulum 2013 edisi revisi SMA/MA/SMAK/MAK/Sederajat bagian ketiga yang sedang anda baca ini, berisikan materi soal tentang Narrative Text dan Direct Speech and Reported Speech. Tentunya berbeda dengan materi soal UAS b. Inggris bagian ke-1 dan bagian ke-2 yang berisikan soal tentang recount text deals.

Pada bagian sebelumnya, jumlah total soal/pertanyaan sebanyak 35 (20 PG + 15 essay), dan postingan bagian ketiga, pertanyaan dimulai dari nomor pertama berikut ini.

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e!

The following text is for number 1-5.

Kebo Iwa

Once upon a time in Bali, lived a wealthy man and his wife. They have been married for a long time but did not have any children. They prayed to God to give them a child. They prayed and prayed God finally answered their pray. The wife got pregnant and they had a baby boy. They were very happy. The baby was extraordinary. He was very much different from other babies. He ate and drank a lot. Day after day he ate more and more. His body was getting bigger and bigger. And by the time he was teenager, his body was a big as a buffalo. That’s why people call him Kebo Iwa, it means Uncle buffalo. Because of his eating habit, Kebo Iwa’s parents spent a lot of money to buy his food. They finally went bankrupt. They had no other choice but to ask the villagers to help them provide the food.

The villagers then worked together to cook and build a big house for Kebo Iwa. He was like a giant. He could not stay in his parents’ house anymore because of his big body. After a few months, the villagers also couldn’t afford to cook him the food anymore. They then asked Kebo Iwa to cook his own food. The villagers just prepared the raw materials. Kebo Iwa agreed and as an expression of his gratitude to the villagers, he help built a dum, dug wells, and he also protected the villagers from animals and people who wanted to attack their village. It was easy task for him since he also had incredible strength.

Meanwhile, the kingdom of Majapahit was planning to attack Bali. They knew about Kebo Iwa. And they also knew that they could not conquer Bali with Kebo Iwa there. Kebo Iwa was more powerful than they were. The Maha Patih of Majapahit then planned something. They were pretending to invite Kebo Iwa to Majapahit to help them dig some wells. They said that Majapahit was suffering from a long dry season and needed water. Kebo Iwa did not know the plan, so he went to Majapahit to help them. When Kebo Iwa was busy digging a well, the Majapahit troops covered the well. Kebo Iwa had difficulty in breathing and buried alive. He died inside the well. After the death of Kebo Iwa, Bali was conquered by Majapahit. Until now, people still remember Kebo Iwa because he had done a lot for Bali.

1. Where is the location of the legend above?
a. Bali
b. Banyuwangi
c. Surabaya
d. Bandung
e. Semarang
Answer: a

2. What kind of animal that has made the baby changed?
a. Cow
b. Buffalo
c. Eagle
d. Crow
e. Tiger
Answer: b

3. What kingdom wanted to attack Bali?
a. Majapahit
b. Singosari
c. Kediri
d. Jenggala
e. Kutai
Answer: a

4. What is Kebo Iwa’s characteristic?
a. Kind
b. Weak
c. Coward
d. Grumpy
e. Furious
Answer: a

5. What is the name of the text above?
a. Narrative text
b. Recount text
c. Analytical text
d. Hortatory exposition
e. Discussion
Answer: a

The following text is for number 6-10

The Origin of Landak River

Long time ago, lived farmer and his wife in a village by the side of a forest. They lived simply and they like to help other people, especially one who in afflictions. One night, the farmer and his wife were resting in their house. The farmer was sitting beside his sleeping wife. Suddenly, a white centipede came out from the wife’s head. The farmer was amazed. He then followed the centipede until they reach a small pond not far from their house. Then the centipede suddenly disappeared. The farmer went home and found his wife still soundly asleep.

In the morning, the wife told his husband about the dream she had last night. “I was walking through a vast field, and I came to a lake. I saw a giant hedgehog in the lake. It was glaring at me, so I ran away. “After he heard his wife’s dream, the farmer went back to the small pond. In the pond, he saw something very shiny. He came to the shiny object and took it. It was a golden hedgehog statue. It was very beautiful. Its eye were made of diamond. The farmer then brought the statue home.

At night, the farmer had a dream. A giant hedgehog came to him, “Please let me stay in your home. As return, I will give you everything you want. Just caress the statue’s head and say the prayer. There are two kinds of prayers, one is to start your wish and the second is to stop your wish. Now memorize the prayers.”

In the next day, the farmer told his wife about his dream. They really wanted to prove it. The farmer slowly caressed the statue’s head. He said the prayer and asked for rice. Suddenly, rice came out of the mouth of the statue. The rice kept on coming out from the statue’s mouth. The farmer immediately said the prayer to stop it. The rice then stopped coming out from the statue.

The farmer and his wife then asked for other things, jewelry and other stuff they needed. They became very rich. But they still like to help other people. A lot of poor came to them for help. Unfortunately, a thief found out about the secret of the golden hedgehog statue. Pretending to be a poor asking for help, he stole the statue from the farmer’s house.

The thief blurred to the district area of Ngabang. There was a drought in the area. The thief wanted sympathy from the people, so he said to them that he would provide them with water. The thief then caressed the hedgehog statue and said the prayer. Water came out of the statue’s mouth. All the people were so happy. But the water kept on coming out. The thief didn’t know the prayer to stop the wish. People who saw the incident were really scared. They ran away to avoid the water as it was started to flood the area. The thief also wanted to run away, but he cannot move his legs. In his vision, there was a giant hedgehog holding both his legs. Water kept coming from the statue and slowly it became a river. The thief was drowned in the river. People then named the river as hedgehog River or Sungai Landak.

6. Who lived at the side of forest?
a. Farmed
b. Hunter
c. Child
d. Beggar
e. Shoemaker
Answer: a

7. What animal came to the protagonist is his dream?
a. Lion
b. Centipede
c. Hedgehog
d. Armadillo
e. Dragonfly
Answer: c

8. What did the farmer do when he found the statue?
a. He caressed its head
b. He blow the head
c. He destroyed the head
d. He stole the head
e. He laughed at the head
Answer: a

9. The thief blurred to the district area of Ngabang
The Indonesia translation of the text above is….
a. membaur
b. memisah
c. melotot
d. memejamkan mata
e. berlari
Answer: a

10. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. Amuse of the reader
b. Retell the writer’s past experience
c. Encourage people to pet the hedgehog
d. Discuss the controversy of hedgehog
e. Tell the argument of the writer
Answer: a

The following text is for number 11-15.

A farmer came across a bird with a broken wing. He picked it up, took it home and locked after it lovingly, event tough his wife complained bitterly about his wasting too much time on the creature.

After some time, the wing mended and, because the bird did not want the farmer to have kept on arguing with his wife all the time, it decided to go back to its nest.

When the farmer discovered that the bird was gone, he was so upset that he went out to look for it. Eventually, he found it again, and was greeted happily by the whole family of the bird. As a sign of their thanks for his care and attention, the birds gave him a little box, and told him not to open it until he got home.

To his surprise, the farmer found the box full of precious stones. When his wife saw them, she decided that she too deserved a reward, and see went to see the birds. The birds gave her a little casket; but this one was full of devils. The devils jumped on her as soon as she opened the casket and the chased her away.

Left alone, the farmer went to live near his friend, the bird. There he built a hut of perfumed wood; and the birds decorated it with flowers of every kind.

11. Which of the following statements do you agree with?
a. The farmer chased his wife away.
b. The farmer lived happily with his wife.
c. The farmer’s wife took care of the bird.
d. The bird was very thankful to the farmer.
e. The farmer’s wife was a very kind woman.
Answer: d

12. The farmer’s new hut was….
a. well furnished
b. built by the birds
c. a gift from the birds
d. decorated luxuriously
e. built of perfumed wood
Answer: e

13. What do we learn from the text?
a. A gift shows kindness.
b. Sufferings bring happiness.
c. Arguing makes you distressed.
d. A good deed deserves a reward.
e. Having no heart makes you isolated.
Answer: d

14. What is the main information discussed in the bird paragraph?
a. The bird left the farmer.
b. The birds welcomed the farmer.
c. The farmer got a little casket from the birds.
d. The farmer was so angry and went out to find the bird.
e. The farmer was happy having got a box of precious stones.
Answer: b

15. The word “discovered” (paragraph 3) means….
a. proved
b. found out
c. saw
d. invented
e. believed
Answer: b

The following text is for number 16-20.

Once upon a time, there lived a group of mice under a tree in peace. However, a group of elephants crossing the jungle unknowingly destroyed the homes of all the rats. Many of them were crushed to death.

Then the king of rats decided to approach the elephant’s chief and request him to guide his herd through another route. On hearing the sad story, the elephant’s king apologized and agreed to take another route. And so the lives of the rats were saved.

One day, elephant hunters came to the jungle and tripped a group of elephants in huge nets. Then the elephant king suddenly remembered the king of rats. He summoned one of the elephants of his herd which had hot been trapped, to go seek help from the king and told him about the trapped elephant’s

The rat’s king immediately took his entire group of rats and they cut the nets which had trapped the elephant’s herd. The elephant’s herd was totally set free. They dance with joy and thanked the rats.

16. What destroyed the homes of all rats?
a. Group of mice did.
b. The hunters did.
c. Elephant hunters did.
d. A group of elephants did.
e. Elephant king.
Answer: d

17. What helped the elephant’s herd free?
a. The elephant’s herd did.
b. The hunter did.
c. A trapped elephant did.
d. A group of kings did.
e. Entire group of rats did.
Answer: e

18. When did the story occur?
a. In the sea
b. In the jungle
c. In the space
d. In the home of mice group
e. In the nets which had trapped the elephant’s herd
Answer: b

19. At the end of the story, how was the elephant’s herd?
a. Angry
b. Sad
c. Happy
d. Dead
e. Disappointed
Answer: c

20. The word “summoned” means….
a. ordered to come
b. asked to do
c. offered to come
d. got to make
e. forced to do
Answer: a

The following text is number 21-25.

The Legend of Redfish

Once upon a time there were many swordfish in the sea near Singapore.
These swordfish caused a great deal of trouble. They flew into boats and sometimes killed fishermen. There were so many of these swordfish that the Raja decided to kill them.

So the Raja brought his army down to sea to fight the swordfish. Many people came to watch the battle, and among them was a very clever little boy. The little boy watched the soldier in their uniform, their long swords shining in the sun. He thought to himself that he would like to be a soldier when he grew up.

When the captain gave the signal, the soldier stood in long line on the beach and waited for the swordfish to attack. Soon the swordfish came leaping and flying across the water. Wave after wave of then came. They noses, and many soldiers died. Suddenly, the little boy saw the raja sitting sadly beneath a tree. He ran to raja and said. “Please, sir I think I know how to stop the swordfish.”

“Do you. Indeed, little boy?” said the Raja looking to a cut at the boy’s bare feet and ragged clothes.
“Yes, Sir,” the boy said. “Tell the soldiers to take those the banana trees over there. Then tie the trees together to make a wall to stop the fish.”
“That’s wonderful idea,” said the Raja. He turned to his captain. “Why didn’t you think of that, Captain? Tell your men to start at once.”

The captain looked angrily at the little boy before he told his men what to so. The soldiers cut the banana trees and tied them together with strong ropes. They used more ropes to pull the wall to the edge of the water. This time, when the sword came, they flew out of the water and their swords stuck in the wall of banana trees. They couldn’t move, and so it was easy for the soldier to kill them. “Well done, men.” said the Raja to the soldiers. “And thank you, little boy’” he said to the boy.

The little boy bowed to the Raja and ran back to his home on the hill by the sea. The Raja thoughtfully watched him go. That’s very clever child,” he said to the captain.

The captain was still angry because the boy had made him took stupid. “Perhaps, sir, he is too clever. Clever little boy can grow into dangerous man.”

The Raja thought about this, and the more he thought the more he worried. A few days later the captain came to see him again. “Sir” he said. “I am worried about that little boy. He is too clever. Someday, he will make a lot of he will make a lot of trouble for us.” “You are right, Captain,” said the Raja. “I think we should stop him now, before it’s too late.” “Good,” said the captain. “I’ll take care of it tonight.” That night the captain and some of his soldiers climbed the hill where the little boy lived. They quietly went into his house and killed him with their swords. The little boy’s blood ran freely down the hill. Soon the whole hill had turned red, and it is red to this every day. When the people heard the Raja’s captain had done, they named his place Redhill. And even now, they remember the story of the clever little boy who stopped the swordfish.

21. What kind of animal caused trouble?
a. Swordfish
b. Whale
c. Shark
d. Dolphins
e. Milkfish
Answer: a

22. What is Captain’s feeling towards the little boy?
a. Happy
b. Proud
c. Humble
d. Jealous
e. Sad
Answer: d

23. What happened to the boy at the night?
a. He was killed.
b. He was appointed as the soldier.
c. He got a reward from the king.
d. He married to one of the king’s daughter.
e. He was accepted as the King’s son.
Answer: a

24. What is the little boy’s characteristic?
a. Smart
b. Stupid
c. Naïve
d. Brave
e. Coward
Answer: a

25. Who killed the little boy?
a. Captain
b. The King
c. The little boy’s parents
d. The grandmother of the little boy
e. His neighbor
Answer: a

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