20 Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 Beserta Jawaban LengkapPart4

20 Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 Beserta Jawaban Lengkap Part4 untuk siswa SMA/MA/SMK/MAK/Sederajat - Soal-soal pilihan ganda b. Inggris kelas xii semester ganjil K13 edisi revisi postingan ini berisikan materi yang diambil dari Bab 4, seperti soal mengenai application letter, serta soal mengenai construct application letter. Dan Postingan ke-4 ini merupakan materi setelah siswa menyelesaikan 35+ contoh soal PTS B. Inggris kelas 12.

Selain itu, tulisan 20 contoh soal b. Inggris tentang application letter ini merupakan lanjutan 20+ contoh soal b. Inggris kelas 12 semester 1 K13 bagian ke-1 (Bab 1) sampai dengan bagian ke-3 (Bab 3).

Berikut di bawah ini, soal pilihan ganda/mutiple choices b. Inggris kelas 12 semester ganjil dilengkapi kunci jawaban.

Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, d, or e!

The following text is for number 1 to 5

May, 28th 2015

Personnel Director
PT. Angin Semilir
Jl. Cinta No.2

Dear Personel Director

        I am a graduate student in Computer Science at Bina Nusantara University, and I will be awarded an M.S. degree in June 2011. I am currently looking for a position related to Databes/Graphics Pakage Design in the research and development department of a major company.
        Before coming to Bina Nusantara University, I designed, supervised, and completed a CAD system. The fuction vector, character and curve generation, windowing, shading, and transportmations.
       At Bina Nusantara, my researce work involves Compilation of Relational Queries into Network DML. To enhance my blackground, I have taken some courses in computer graphics and database, and I have experience in and an understanding of the design of database. With this strong blackground, I certainly belive that I am competent to meet challenging tasks and can make a good contribution to your company.
      Enclosed is my resume, which indicates in some detail my training and experience. I sincerely hope that my qualifications are of interest to you and that an interview might be arranged at your convienience.
      Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

1. The writer of the letter is….
a. Nanik
b. PT. Angin Semillir
c. Jl. Cinta No.2
d. Jakarta
e. Personnel Manager
Answer : a

2. Where did the writer study?
a. Binus
b. UNS
c. UGM
e. UI
Answer : a
Pembahasan:  I am a graduate student in Computer Science at Bina Nusantara University. Dia lulusan dari Universitas Bina Nusantara

3. What course was attended by the writer?
a. English
b. Computer graphic
c. Literature
d. Accountancy
e. Communication
Answer : b
Pembahasan: I have taken some courses in computer graphics and database. Dia mengambil kursus computer grafik dan database.

4. What kind of text is it?
a. Announcement
b. Application letter
c. Promation letter
d. Apologize letter
e. Offer letter
Answer : b

5. When did the writer receive her M.S?
a. 2010
b. 2011
c. 2012
d. 2013
e. 2014
Answer : b
Pembahasan: Dia mendapatkan gelar tahun 2011.

The following text is for number 6 to 10

Medan, July 23rd 2017
Mr. Scott Stone
Owner of Stone’s Burgers and Grill
Perum Majapahit Baru Kav. 25D, Kebun Arca

Dear Sir.
       With this letter, I would like to apply in your restorant as Head Chef. I get the information from your restaurant and noticed that your restaurant is looking for a new head chef, I am a professional chef with years of experience in numerous restaurants, I consider myself to be fit and proper for the job.
      My name is Andi Johan. I am thirty teo years aold. I graduated from Prince Jhon Internasional Culinary School in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 2007. I have worked as chef in several different restaurants, both in the UK and in Indonesia. I specialize in Western cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine as well.
       I have bean in position as head chef before and I am excellent at running a kichen and lead a team. Beside of that, I also have the skill to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, and a little bit of Italian.
       With my education background and my previous experience as chef, I am confident that I am suitable for the head chef position for your restaurant. I have read about your restaurant at a glance and the menu served there are exactly in my specialty.
      Herewith the letter, I enclose my resume and some other documents to explain my qualifications in more detail.
      I am thrilled if I can join your restaurant and I have such a high hope for that. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Andi Johan

6. What does the Andi Johan apply based on the next?
a. Professional chef
b. Leader of kitchen
c. Leader in a restaurant
d. Chef
e. Head chef
Answer : e
Pembahasan: in your restaurant as Head Chef, posisi yang diinginkan adalah kepala koki.

7. What is the best ability of the job seeker?
a. Fusion cuisine
b. Indonesian cuisine
c. Traditional cuisine
d. Oriental cuisine
e. Arabian cuisine
Answer : a
Pembahasan: I specialize in western cuisine, fusion cuisine, and Mediterranean cuisine as well. Fusion adalah salah satu keahlian pencari kerja

8. Which one of the languages is not mastered by job seeker?
a. Indonesai
b. English
c. French
d. Germany
e. Italian
Answer : d
Pembahasan: Bahasa Jerman tidak ada dalam surat lamaran kerja tersebut

9. What is the similar meaning og ‘looking forward’?
a. Waiting
b. Asking
c. Applying
d. Seeking
e. Reading
Answer : a
Pembahasan: waiting = looking forward = menunggu

10. Where did the job seeker know the information of job vacancy?
a. Internet
b. Newspaper
c. Magazine
d. At the restaurant
e. From his friend
Answer : d
Pembahasan: Dia membaca lowongan kerja saat di restoran.

The following text is for number 11 to 15

Surabaya, September, 4th 2010
To : Human Resources Department
Jl. Ambengan No. 12C

Dear Sir,
       Based on your advertisement on Jawa Pos newpaper dated on August 30th, 2003 and with my firm belief of your well established company and lead me submit this resume to II Adminstration position offered in your company. I am 24 years old, innovative, energetic, highly ambitious, and good leadership.
      I am fresh graduated from Accounting Departement, State Polytechnic of Malang, with predicate “Very SATISFACTORY” and GPA 2.90 (scale 4). I have been usual work in a team and organization. I can learn anything fast with intitiative and great will to succeed. I am certain it all can be useful to work well in this company, and I would appreciate if you give me the opportunity to discuss my qualication in person.
     For detail, I enclosed my CV, Academic Transcript and a recent photograph.
     Hopefully I may have the opportunity of proving my ca[ability by being granted an interview.
     Thank you for your kind attention

Yours faithfully
Dwi Noviana

11. What newspaper did the company put the advertisement?
a. Solopos
b. Jawa Pos
c. Suara Merdeka
d. Jakarta Pos
e. Republika
Answer : b

12. How old is the writer?
a. 22 years old
b. 23 years old
c. 24 years old
d. 25 years old
e. 26 years old
Answer : c

13. Where did the writer study?
a. At State Polytechnic of Surabaya
b. At Private University of Malang
c. At State Polytechnic of Malang
d. At University of Malang
e. At Malang University
Answer : c

14. What is not the writer’s strengths?
a. Innovative
b. Energetic
c. Highly ambitious
d. Good leadership
e. Honest
Answer : e

15. Where does the writer live?
a. Surabaya
b. Salatiga
c. Semarang
d. Bandung
e. Jakarta
Answer : a

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The following text is for number 16 to 20

Surabaya, Februari, 15th 2017
To : Human Resources Department
Bruch and Bed Restaurant
Jalan Pembangunan Baru no. 90

Dear Sir/Madam
       I have read a job vacancy advertisement in Surabaya Post that Bruch and Bed Restaurant is looking for employess to be placed in several different positions. Based on the advertisement and my educational backgraound, I am interested in applying for the position of Head of Kitchen Manager.
       My name is Sarah Lee Purnama. I am 30 years old. I have graduated from Alexander Green Internasional Culinary School Jakarta in July 2010. I consider myself that I have the proper qualification for the head of kichen manager position that your restaurant want.
      Besides of the suitable educational background, I have a good motivation for progress and development as well. I am excellent at team leading, working with team, and work individually. I am an eager learner with huge passion in culinary world. I possess excellent computer skills and I can communicate in several other languages beside Indonesia. I can speak and write fluently in English, Mandarin, and French.
      With my qualifications, I am sure that I will be able to contribute effectively to your company. I enclose herewith:
- Copy Bachelor (S-1) Certificates and Academic Transcripts
- Curriculum Vitae
- Recent photograph in 4x6
Thank you for the attention and I am looking forward to hearing for you as well as looking forward to join and work in you company.


Sarah Lee P

16. What is the capability of the writer?
a. Cuisine
b. Restaurant Management
c. Electricity
d. Engineering
e. Accounting
Answer : b

17. Where does the writer want to apply the job?
a. Bruch and Tight Restaurant
b. Bruch and Bed Restaurant
c. Bend and Bed Restaurant
d. Bruch and Back Restaurant
e. Bruch and Bed Restaurant
Answer : e

18. When did the writer graduate from his school?
a. 2011
b. 2009
c. 2010
d. 2012
e. 2013
Answer : c

19. “I am an eager learner with huge passion in culinary word’
What is the meaning of the word ‘eager’ in the sentences?
a. Passion
b. Slow
c. Smart
d. Excellent
e. Lazy
Answer : a

20. ‘I possess excellent computer skills and I can….
What is the meaning of underlined word in Indonesian?
a. Memiliki
b. Memahami
c. Menyukai
d. Mencari
e. Menginginkan
Answer : a

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