220 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13, Persiapan Belajar UAS/PAT/UKKPart-3

220 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13, Persiapan Belajar UAS/PAT/UKK Part-3 - 220 soal b. Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 kurikulum 2013 edisi revisi bagian terakhir atau ketiga yang sedang Anda baca ini, merupakan lanjutan 220 soal B. Inggris kurtilas kelas x semester 2 bagian ke-1 sampai bagian ke-2 (35 soal PG). Berbeda dengan butir soal sebelumnya yang berbentuk piihan ganda, untuk bagian ke-3 berbentuk essay dilengkapi kunci jawaban seperti berikut di bawah ini.

B. Use the perfect tense to fill in the blank using the same time period (past, present, future) as the sample.

Joan licks the popsicle. (present tense)
Joan has licked the popsicle. (present perfect tense)

1. Eric took piano lessons.
Erick …. piano lessons since he was ten years old.
Answer: has taken.

2. Tara raises as many children as she can.
Tara …. as many children as she can.
Answer: has risen.

3. Bill, on the other hand, will join the Coast Guard.
Bill, on the other hand, …. the Coast Guard.
Answer: has joined.

4. Alyssa gives a drawing to each for her friends.
Alyssa …. a drawing to each of her friends.
Answer: has given.

5. Chickens pecked at bugs and fruit in the garden.
Chikens …. at bugs and fruit in the garden.
Answer: has pecked

The following text is for number 6-10

One Christmas in 2007, I was joining a final test try out at school. It was held from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. One of my schoolmates, Rini, asked me for accompanying her to the bus stop. When we arrived there, suddenly the heavy rain fell down from the sky. Rini suggested me to go home soon while she was entering the bus.

It was still raining when I was home. The rain did not stop and became bigger when the night had come. People were standing in front of their house, hoping that the flood would not come. In the middle of the night, I got news that South Purwodadi had been drowned.

The next day, Purwodadi had become a flood area. All activities were paralyzed. No one went for work or school because the land had been covered by flood. However, I thank God for not allowing the flood entered my house. Even my house had been changed into an emergency kitchen. It was so crowded there. I and my father took a walk around the center market and Central Purwodadi. All that we could see was water and water. At night, the flood looked like a beautiful ocean with the moon light on it. I felt as if was one of the passengers of Titanic who was sailing on the sea.

Finally, the flood was starting to decreased in the next morning. I and my family cleaned our front yard together. That was the greatest flood that I had ever experience in my hometown.

6. The date of the food is….
Answer: December 25th 2007

7. The writer went home by….
Answer: Bus.

8. The writer’s home is in….
Answer: Purwodadi.

9. All Activity was paralyzed due to the….
Answer: Flood.

10. The flood started to decreased in….
Answer: Next Morning.

C. Read the following text and then answer the questions!

The Terrible of Sunday

Last week was a terrible day for me. My cousin and I were playing football in front of the house to spend time with us.

First, it was really fun until I kicked the ball too strong, so the ball leaded me to the window and broke the window. When we wanted to escape, all off a sudden we all heard a loud voice. After that, the owner of the house came out of the fence, he yelled at us. We are very afraid of her, but we do not know what to do. Then, one my cousin told us to run, we all ran, and suddenly we heard the sound of skin. Then we know that home owners allow dogs to chase us. And we were struggling to run as fast as her as we can.

But, I fell down so the dog managed to capture me and bit my leg. It really hurts me. Then the dog ran back into the house. My cousin took me to the doctor and told my parents. In the end, the doctor said that I was exposed to rabies. Then I was hospitalized for one week more.
That’s a terrible day of the week for me, may not happen to me again in this next week Sunday.

1. What is the title of the story above?
Answer: Sunday terrible.

2. When was it happening?
Answer: Last week.

3. Why last week was a terrible day for the author?
Answer: For kicking the ball to strong, so that the ball is kicked into the window and broke the window.

4. Who is shouting?
Answer: The owner of the house.

5. What is said to be the cousin of the author?
Answer: To run.

6. Who is pursuing the author and his friends when run?
Answer: Dog pawnbroker.

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7. What happens when a dog chasing the author?
Answer: The dog caught, and biting the author.

8. Who brought author to the doctor?
Answer: The writer’s cousin.

9. What the doctor said at the author?
Answer: The doctors said that the author was exposed to rabies.

10. How long was author hospitalized?
Answer: A week