45 Soal Latihan UN/UNBK Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Beserta Jawaban

45 Soal Latihan UN/UNBK Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Beserta Jawaban yang admin publish ini, berisikan materi soal bahasa Inggris kelas 12 semester genap tentang kinds of expression, narrative text dan grammar  focus (baca: disini) sampai soal tentang speech, review text dan grammar focus (baca: disini). Walaupun materi soal-nya sama yang diambil dari Bab 1 dan 2, tetapi secara keseluruhan isi dari 45 soal latihan ujian nasional berbasis teks dan komputer ini berbeda dari kedua bab tersebut. Karenanya, sangat cocok dijadikan referensi atau prediksi soal dalam menghadapi UNBK ataupun USBN b. Inggris yang sebenarnya di tahun ini.

Berikut, 45 soal latihan UN B. Inggris dengan kunci jawaban untuk siswa SMA/MA/Sederajat dimulai dari pertanyaan pertama.

The following text is for questions no. 1-5

One upon a time, there was an office worker whose name was Charles. He worked in the same insurance office for many years. But during that time, he became more and more unhappy. While he worked, he dreamed constantly, and in his dream he was always a hermit, he stayed in this room. He didn’t like people. He especially didn’t like people when they talked. He wanted peace. Life went on for Charles in this way until he became desperate.

His big opportunity came when he learned about a sea voyage the two of his friends were planning. They expected to make the trip during their summer vacation. Charles asked to join them. While they were sailing, our hero talked to his friends about the joys of hermits’ life. He talked until he finally convinced them and they decided to stop at the first island that they found.

A few days after this decisions, they saw the island in the distance where they decided to live. Before they went ashore, Charles asked the other two to make a promise not to say a word after they reached the island. They were to remain perfectly quiet during their stay.

During the first few days after they landed, they built a little house where they planted a garden. The island was paradise for Charles because this was the peace that he wanted.

1. What kind of text is the text above?
a. an anecdote text
b. a descriptive text
c. a narrative text
d. an analytical exposition
e. a recount text
Jawaban: c

2. The purpose of the text is….
a. to persuade the readers to be a hermit
b. to tell the past experience of Charles
c. to entertain the readers
d. to describe Charles’ experience
e. to evaluate the past experience
Jawaban: c

3. The expected to make the trip…. (par. 2)
The word expected can be replaced by….
a. asked
b. wanted
c. aimed
d. had
e. hoped for
Jawaban: e

4. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?
a. Charles disliked the noisy condition.
b. Charles wanted to be a sea voyager.
c. Charles liked people when they talked.
d. Charles disliked peace and silence.
e. Charles dreamed to live in the city.
Jawaban: a

5. Which paragraph is the orientation?
a. paragraph 1
b. paragraph 2
c. paragraph 3
d. paragraph 4
e. paragraph 5
Jawaban: a

The following text is for questions no. 6-9.

We don’t live in an age of miracles, but sometimes they happen. This was a special New Year’s Eve Miracle.

Elizabeth Barret lives near a shopping center, and sometimes she and her sister, Barbara, play near the stores. They like playing there. There are lots of people there, and she and Barbara like to look at the things in the windows.

But the lives of children are not sweet. They are full of fears. Children attack and chase other children. Why? Who knows? But it’s true. And it’s true in Smithtown too.

Elizabeth is eleven years old and isn’t friends with bad children. She doesn’t fight. Her mother says so. And one New Year’s Eve, Elizabeth and her sister, Barbara, are playing near the stores, but they have to stop. “Elizabeth,” says Barbara. “Let’s go home. Do you see those girls over there? They go to my school. They are bad.”

But it was too late. The bad girl chased Elizabeth and Barbara. They started to run. “Hurry, Elizabeth. Let’s run across the railroad tracks. Hurry up.” The trains on the Long Island Railroad are always late. It is a fact of life on Long Island. But the 1:05 out of Ronkokoma was on time the New Year’s Eve.

Vincent Lobianco was at the railroad station, 150 feet away from Elizabeth and Barbara. “Don’t cross the tracks. Go back!” Mr. Lobianco is a religious man. “Please, God, no. Don’t let it happen.” he shouted. But it did. Engine #4321 was on top of Elizabeth in two second. Mr. Lobianco ran towards the girl, and at the same time, shouted to a taxi driver at the station. “Call ambulance. Call an ambulance. There is a little girl on the track.”

6. What part of the text is the first paragraph?
a. identification
b. thesis
c. issue
d. abstract
e. orientation
Jawaban: e

7. Which of the following statement is not true according to the text?
a. Elizabeth and Barbara are sisters.
b. Elizabeth and Barbara are girls.
c. Elizabeth is 11 years old.
d. Elizabeth asked Barbara to go home when she saw the bad girls.
e. Elizabeth and Barbara never fight.
Jawaban: d

8. They are full of fears. What does the word “fear” mean?
a. happiness
b. fright
c. sweet experiences
d. better experiences
e. good experiences
Jawaban: b

9. What type of the text is the text above? It is….
a. a narrative
b. a recount
c. an explanation
d. a report
e. a news items
Jawaban: a

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