Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Semester 2 Beserta JawabanPart-3

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Semester 2 Beserta Jawaban Part-3 masih berisikan materi yang sama dengan soal B. Inggris kelas 12 semester genap bagian ke-2 (soal nomor 11-23), dan untuk bagian ke-3 dimulai dari soal nomor 24.

Questions no. 24 to 26 refer to the following text.

At present, aeroplaners are playing a very important role to …. (24) …. one place to another. People can go round the world just in a two-day flight by the world’s first supersonic airliner, Concorde, wich …. (25) …. at a height of over 18.000 meters and …. (26)…. a speed of over 2.000 km per hour.

24. a. disjoin
b. part
c. connect
d. separate
e. divide
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: Kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik tersebut adalah connect, yang artinya menghubungkan

25. a. goes
b. files
c. jumps
d. drives
e. comes
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: Kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik tersebut adalah files, yang artinya terbang.

26. a. cuts
b. continues
c. moves
d. reaches
e. limits
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan: Kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik tersebut adalah reaches, yang artinya mencapai.

27. Erwin: “I want you to meet William, a new student. He is from Australia.”
William: “How do you do?”
Danny: “….”
a. How do you do?
b. Hi, how are you?
c. Are you all right
d. Nice to meet you too.
e. See you later.
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: Respon untuk sapaan How do you do? Adalah How do you do?

28. X : “I have to go to school, but look at the sky. It is very cloudy. I think It is going to rain.”
Y : “….”
a. You don’t take an umbrella
b. I should take an umbrella
c. You are going to take an umbrella
d. I may take an umbrella
e. You should take an umbrella
Jawaban: e
Pembahasan: Y menyarankan X untuk membawa payung.

29. Toni left for Bandung this morning.
What did you say?
a. I said that Toni leaves for Bandung
b. I said that Toni will leave for Bandung.
c. I said that Toni would leave for Bandung.
d. I said that Toni had left for Bandung.
e. I said that Toni was leaving for Bandung.
Jawaban: d

30. X : “I need to talk to you. Could we meet at Ninety Nine café?”
Y : “What time?”
X : “After work at six p.m..”
Y : “….”
a. Surely no, wait for me there
b. Okay I’ll be there
c. I’m sorry I meet you there
d. Sure, but I work over time
e. Next time, I will be there
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: Y akan datang untuk menemui X.

31. X : “Here we are. Let’s see the menu.”
“There is a tomato juice and an orange juice.”
Y : “What do you prefer?”
X : “….”
a. I prefer orange juice better
b. I prefer orange juice than tomato juice
c. I like orange juice better to tomato juice
d. I like orange juice to tomato juice better
e. I’d rather have orange juice than tomato juice
Jawaban: e

32. X : “Would you like milk or sugar in your coffee?”
Y : “Neither, thank you.”
X : “Excuse me, what do you want?”
Y : “….”
a. coffee not tea
b. tea not coffee
c. nothing to drink
d. black coffee without sugar
e. either not milk or sugar in the coffee
Jawaban: e
Pembahasan: Y tidak menginginkan susu dan gula di dalam kopinya.

33. X : “Could you tell me when I can see the director, please?”
Y : “….”
a. I will give you some money now
b. You can give me your schedule tomorrow
c. Yes, you could tell me now
d. He will have a holiday tomorrow
e. Let me check the schedule first
Jawaban: e
Pembahasan: Y akan mengecek jadwal direktur terlebih dulu.

34. Devi: I saw Mr. Sofyan come by bus this morning. Where is his car?
Aldi: His car is broken so he asked the mechanic to repair it.
Devi: I see.
From the dialogue we can conclude that….
a. Mr. Sofyan had repaired his car
b. Mr. Sofyan had his car repaired
c. the mechanic asked to repair the car
d. the mechanic asked Mr. Sofyan to repair the car
e. the mechanic and Mr. Sofyan repaired the car
Jawaban: b

35. Although the telephone was patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the first transatlantic telephone cable went into operation eighty years later.
When did the transatlantic telephone cable go into operation?
a. When Alexander Graham Bell was still alive.
b. Soon after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
c. Before Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention.
d. In 1796
e. In 1956
Jawaban: e