Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris dan Jawabannya Kelas X Semester 2 (Part-4)

Soal Uji Kompetensi tulisan ini, melanjutkan Contoh Soal Essay Bahasa Inggris dan Jawabannya Kelas X Semeter 2 bagian ketiga (soal nomor 31-45). Dan pada essay bagian ke-4 ini, berisikan materi tentang Announcement, Advertisement, and Invitation, Selain itu ada Conditional Sentences dan Preposition: by. Materi yang sama, bisa Anda dapatkan pada tulisan sebelumnya, tetapi dalam bentuk Pilihan Ganda, yaitu:

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Berikut ini, soal Essay bahasa Inggris beserta jawaban, dimulai dari soal nomor 46 sampai dengan 60.

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Fill in the blanks with the right answer!

Questions 46-48 refer to the following invitation

On behalf of the government, city major invites you as a guest in the Independence Day Fair Opening Ceremony

Date    : Saturday, August 7th, 2010
Time    : 3 p.m.
Place : Outside Stadium

Since place and time are limited, so your attendance will be appreciated.

Thank you for attention

City Major,
Drs. Anwar Sanusi

46.  when will the Independence Day Fair Opening Ceremony hold?
Jawaban: on Saturday, August 14th, 2015

47. Who is Drs. Anwar Sanusi?
Jawaban: A city Major

48. Where is the place of Independence Day fair Opening Ceremony?
Jawaban: At Victory Stadium

49. Rani : “Shall I close the door?”
Sita : “Yes, please, if you....
Jawaban: would

50. If the rain stopped now, we .... out. (can go)
Jawaban: could go

51. I’m sure Lina .... if you explained the situation to her. (understand)
Jawaban: would understand

52. I didn’t like walking home on foot, so I came home .... a taxi
Jawaban: in/by

53. How did you get there? Did you come ....train?
Jawaban: by

54. The two cities were connected.... satelite for a television programme.
Jawaban: by

55. How long does it take to cross the Atlantic .... sea?
Jawaban: by

Answer the following questions!

56. Mention the function of memo!
-  Announce a company policy, or plan
- Make a request
- Explain procedure or give an inttruction
- Clarify readers about a problem
- Confirm what has been decided in a conversation
- Remind readers about a meeting, policy, or procedure
- Provide documentation necessary for business
- Offer suggestions or recommendations

57. Make a birthday invitation to your classmate!

You are invited!
Chad’s 8th birthday
Saturday, April 4th
4-7 pm
Chad’s house : 5632 Mount Lake
RSVP 435 – 223 – 543

58. Mention parts of personal invitation!
- General courtesies
- A polite introduction
- The object of the letter
- Giving more detail
- Asking a response
- Closing

59. Find an advertisement on a newspaper, the promote it in front of your class!
SALE! Blackberry mobile phone Q10 black 100% intact and complete. Still new, official math price Scm 4,3 million. Preferably COD’s location in Sedayu Bantul Yogyakarta. Serious interest please contact us, phone; 0813xxxxxxxx

60. Make a job vacancy!
We are one of the fastest growing IT Company and now we are looking for a dynamic people to fill up the position of service center supervisor.
- Female, max 35 years old
- Minimum bachelor degree, majoring in Accounting
- Familiar with financial statement, processes data, system
- Excellent quantitative and analytic skill
- Good communication skills
- Proficient in English or Mandarin
For furhter infromation, please check our web:

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