Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 SMP Semester 1 Ganjil

Assalamu'alaikum.. Selamat datang di blog . Pada kesempatan kali ini akan kami bagikan contoh latihan Soal UTS / Ulangan Tengah Semester 1 (Ganjil) Kelas 8 / VIII SMP / MTs Mapel Bahasa Inggris


Cuplikan :

1. Ani asks andi to lift her bag. What does she say ?
a. can you leave your bag, please ? c. Can I lift your bag, Ani ?
b. Would you lift my bag, please ? d. Can you lift your bag, please ?

2. Jaka : Pass the salt for me, please !
Budi : …………(acceptance)
a. thank you b. here you are c. take by your self d. sorry, I can’t

3. Aries : Can you bring your pet here ?
Iqbal : …………The cage is very heavy for me
a. I’m sorry I can’t b. sure c. of course d. no problem

4. Sony : Can I use your computer, please
Dina : ………….I’m using it
a. Of course b. no problem c. I’m sorry d. sure

5. Tina : Here’s the money for you
Ida : I can’t take this, sorry
From the dialog above, What does the underline sentence mean …
a. Tina offers something to Ida c. Ida accepts something from Tina
b. Tina gives a help to Ida d. Ida refuses help from Tina

6. Jhon : Did you use my bike this morning ?
Dhani : ………….Harry did (refuse)
a. Certainly b. of course c. It was me d. No I didn’t

7. Della : Did you move this table, tatang ?
Tatang : …………. (mengakui )
a. Yes, I did b. No, I didn’t c. sure d. It wasn’t me

8. Bella : What do you think of Kuta Bali beach ?
Yordan : ……………………….(giving opinion )
a. I have no idea c. I think it is so beautiful
b. I’m not sure d. All Right

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