50 Soal UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13 Beserta Jawaban

50 Soal UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13 Beserta Jawaban - Soal Ujian tengah semester genap b. Inggris kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK/MAK/Sederajat berisikan materi yang sama yang dengan 100+ UAS bahasa Inggris K13 bagian ke-1, yaitu soal tentang "Recount text deals with experience, Recount text deals with the historical figures" sampai bagian ke-4, "narrative text, direct speech and reported speech".

Ada sekitar 50 soal (35 PG + 15 essay) penilaian tengah semester genap mapel b. Inggris yang bisa Anda pelajari sebagai bahan referensi belajar.

Berikut dibawah ini, soal UTS b. Inggris kelas x semester genap kurtilas edisi revisi dilengkapi kunci jawaban.

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d or e!

The following text is for number 1-5.

Barbecue in the park

Last Sunday, my friend and I went to the park because David’s family invited us a barbecue party in the park. We lived nearby so we just walked there.

When we got to the park, there were not many people. David’s family was already there. They arrived there early to get the best picnic spot with an electronic barbecue grill nearby. When we arrived, they were cleaning the barbecue. After making sure the barbecue was clean, they turned the barbecue on by pushing the button. The electric stove turned on and the metal plate became hot.

David’s mother put some cooking oil on the metal plate, and after that she put some sausages, beef steaks, and some onions on the barbecue. Meanwhile, David’s father was preparing the bread, butter and the drinks.

While waiting for the meat to cook, David and I joined other boys playing football. When we got tired, we stopped and enjoyed the sausages, steaks, and some cold soft drinks.

The food was delicious. I think David’s mother is one of the best chef in the world.

1. When did the writer have a picnic?
a. Last Sunday
b. Last Saturday
c. Last Friday
d. Last Wednesday
e. Last Monday
Answer: a

2. Who invited the writer to the park?
a. Brandon
b. Alex
c. David
d. Kumar
e. Neni
Answer: c

3. What tense do we find mostly in the text above?
a. Present tense
b. Past tense
c. Perfect tense
d. Future tense
e. Adverbial tense
Answer: b

4. What did the writer and his friends do while they are waiting for the cook?
a. Played football
b. Slept
c. Read
d. Studied
e. Climbed a tree
Answer: a

5. What is the purpose of the text?
a. Retell the picnic experience
b. To amuse the reader about the legend of picnic
c. To urge people the importance of picnic
d. To discuss the positive and negative side of picnic
Answer: a

The following text is for number 6-10

Holiday in Jakarta

Last holiday, I went to my brother’s home in Jakarta. I went to Jakarta with my father. We went to Jakarta city by the train. Jakarta it was very interesting, but the atmosphere was too hot for me.

A few days later, my brother and I went to the zoo in Jakarta. We went to be zoo by taxi. The zoo was very crowded. There were many traders. After bought the ticket, we went to see the animal in the zoo.

First, I saw many pelican birds. They were very hungry, so the zoo keeper fed the bird. Then I saw many deer eaten many hay. In the same cage, I saw ostrich. It was very big. It couldn’t fly but could run very fast. Its stomach was very big too. After that, we went to take the boat which was pictured with the image of goose.

Before went back home, we bought some drink and food. We rested in a restroom. I was very happy it this holiday. I hoped the next holiday would be good too.

6. Where did the writer go?
a. Surabaya
b. Semarang
c. Bandung
d. Surakarta
e. Jakarta
Answer: e

7. How did the writer go in vacations?
a. By foot
b. By motorcycle
c. By train
d. By car
e. By cart
Answer: c

8. How did the writer go to the zoo?
a. By train
b. By cart
c. By foot
d. By taxi
e. By motorcycle
Answer: d

9. What did the writer do before went home?
a. Slept in the zoo
b. Argued with his father
c. Bought food and drink
d. Went around
e. Watched the movie
Answer: c

10. What kind of the text is that?
a. Narrative text
b. Recount text
c. Discussion text
d. Hortatory exposition
e. Analytical exposition
Answer: b

The following text is for number 11-15.

Traveling By Air

I really hate flying. Once something happen to me. When I was on board, the plane started taking off. It seemed that everything was all right. But suddenly I saw smoke coming from engine of the plane. The engine was on fire and the plane started to rattle. Suddenly the captain said to us in a very calm voice. “Ladies and gentleman, we are having a little problem with one of the engines. There is no need to panic. Keep your seat belts fastened. We are going to return the airport.”

You can imagine how frightened I was, but the crew was fantastic. The flight attendants were really calm and told us not to worry. One of them told me to relax and said that everything would be all right.

A few minutes later, we were coming in to land, the pilot made a smooth landing on the runway. It was over, and we were safe.

I took a taxi and went home. From that day on, I decided not to fly anymore.

11. What does the writer hate?
a. Flying
b. Walking
c. Running
d. Sleeping
e. Studying
Answer: a

12. What happened to the engine after it took off?
a. Smoking
b. Off
c. Landed
d. Flew
e. Fine
Answer: a

13. What did the writer feel about the experience written at the text?
a. Happy
b. Frightened
c. Relax
d. Sad
e. Contemplative
Answer: b

14. What was the flight attendant’s expression when explaining the situation within the plane?
a. Calm
b. Happy
c. Sad
d. Cry
e. Hysteric
Answer: a

15. How did the writer go home after the plane incident?
a. By bus
b. On foot
c. By taxi
d. By plane
e. By car
Answer: c

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