Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 1 Beserta Jawabannya Essay

Berisikan materi yang sama dengan contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas XI Semester 1 beserta jawabanya dalam bentuk PG, tulisan yang sedang Anda baca, merupakan bentuk essay dengan dilengkapi jawabnnya. Selain itu, soal essay b. Inggris kelas 11 bagian pertama yang admin publish ini masih menggunakan kurikulum KTSP.. Untuk Kurikulum 2013, anda bisa membacanya disini.

Arrage the jumbled words into correct sentences!

1. does – a sence – i – think – her idea – make – not
Jawaban: I think her idea does not make a sense

2. don’t – ideas – your – agree – I – with – too – it’s – complicated
Jawaban: I don’t agree with your ideas. It’s too complicated

3. doesn’t – me – she – with – agree
Jawaban: She doesn’t agree with me

4. our – you – do – think – about – what – teacher  - ?   – new – English
Jawaban: What do you think about or new English teacher?

5.  go – there - ! – is – there – don’t – warning – a – dangerous
Jawaban: There is a dangerous warning, don’t go there!

6. on – the – sign – gate – the – what – does – say - ?
Jawaban: What does the sign on the gate say?

7. that – should – never – you – up – give – think – I
Jawaban: I think that you should never give up

8. you – about – how – Ellen - ?
Jawaban: How about you Ellen?

9. do – think – you – what – Adi - ?
Jawaban: What do you think, Adi?

10. opinion – in – my – go – to – should – doctor – the – they
Jawaban: In my opinion, they should go to the doctor

Answer the questions briefly

11. Mentions some elements in a short story!
Jawaban: Plot, setting, characterization, theme

12. Mention types of conflict in a shorty story!
Jawaban: Type of conflict in a short stroy:
- External conflict:
a. man vs man
b. man vs nature
c. man vs self
- Internal conflict
Man vs self

13. what is meant by resolution?
Jawaban: resolution is how to solve the problems

14. Mention tpes of ending in a short story?
- happy ending
- happy and sad ending

15. Write 2 sentences of asking for an opinion, giving for an opinion, and showing warning?
a. Asking opinion
- What dou think of our new English teacher
- Sam, what do you say about Mr. Trian, our new headmater?
- What’s your idea about the movie Warkop Reborn?

b. Giving opinion
- Oh, I think she is great, she has good prounciation and class management
- Well, as far as I’m concerned he has good leadership and he is also very freindly to us.
- In my opinion, it is excellent because it represents different point of view of Indonesian movie

c. Showing warning
- I warn you not to play around here. It’s dangerous
- Watch out! It’s wild day
- Look! There is a warning to avoid this place
- There is a warning from the alarm. Get out from here.

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